Why Drink Water (or Why Drink More Water)

Why Drink More Water

As human beings, we need water and food in order to survive (doh! first answer to the question Why Drink Water) . How much and what we eat, how much and what we drink, this depends on each one of us and we can feel better or worst according to our habits.

If you are thinking about committing to drinking more water and you are not sure that it’s worth the effort, this article will help you understand what are the benefits and how much you can gain from such a simple thing. Why drink water?

Water is everything. Ok, maybe not everything, but there are only a few things that you can lie your eyes on and that don’t contain water. Your body is made from 65% water, and every object around you has some water in it.
As you probably know, the water in your body does not stay there. You are eliminating it constantly, and you need to replace it. If you don’t replace the amount of water that you are eliminating every day, your health will suffer in many different ways.

Why drink water? Although the negative effects of not drinking water are very severe on the inside, they are also obvious on the outside and this is the first thing that people notice.

Your skin, to begin with, is probably not as great as you’d want it to be. You might experience problems such as frequent breakouts, pimples, dryness, excess oil, discomfort or redness. Wrinkles are also appearing, slowly but surely. Are all this negative effects of not drinking enough water? A big part of them yes. Regardless of how many creams you use and how well you take care of your skin, it will never be great until you start hydrating it properly by drinking enough water.

Another aspect that people notice quickly is how much and how they sweat. If your sweat smells worst than you think it should, it Is a sign of dehydration as you are not eliminating the toxins from your body properly. Instead of spending a lot of money on deodorants that will prevent you from sweating, increase your water intake and notice how the smell slowly fades away.

I know that it is not easy to move from not drinking enough water to drinking 2 l every day, but this is a thing that you have to do starting from today. A Water Tracker for your mobile like Aqualert (available both on Aqualert Water Tracker IOS and Aqualert Water Tracker Android) will help you in your new journey by reminding and tracking you how much water you have to drink in a day. Also, it will show you your progress!

It only takes a few days to notice the difference and to create a new habit using this kind of water tracker in your brain that will stick with you for the years to come. Search for what kind of water fits your needs (hei, I’m not a big fan of tap water either!) and invest in accessories and apps that will help and remind you to drink the necessary amount of water every single day.

More answers to the question Why Drink more Water
What about your body weight? Right now, there are more people in the world who are trying to lose weight than people who don’t. This means that there is a great change that you are in the middle of a weight loss journey, and you are yet to discover how important water is in this.
Your metabolism, what helps you burn calories faster or slower, can be speed up by drinking more water. This means that from the very start you will have an advantage, even if you are not always eating what you should. Speaking of which, being dehydrated often feels like being hungry, so when you are not drinking enough water you also tend to eat more.

As you probably noticed, when you are very hungry you go for the foods that are not very good for your body, but that give you instant satisfaction: chocolate, sweets, processed foods, fast food. Studies show, however, that people who drink enough water can keep their weight under control easily since they don’t have as many cravings as people who are dehydrated. There you have it, another advantage for your diet!
How can you take advantage of this? Every time you feel hungry and you know you shouldn’t (like if you just ate lunch one hour ago) drink a big glass of water instead of eating and wait for 15 minutes. Usually it is just a sign of dehydration and the hunger will go away in the next minutes.

Is it just as bad on the inside? Yes, you don’t drinking water is affecting all your organs in a way or another. Although you don’t see it directly, you’ve seen the consequences. You are not sleeping well, it is difficult to get up from bed in the morning, you need way too much caffeine to start your day, you are tired no matter what you do, you get indigestion and stomach problems easily, you have headaches or even migraines, you get swollen feet and painful muscles. Are all these effects of dehydration? These are many other answers to why drink water!
By not drinking enough water you are forcing your organs to work in an unnatural way and work much more than they should to cope with your level of hydration. There is no wonder, then, that people who don’t drink enough end up having heart, circulation, stomach or liver conditions as they grow old. Remember, even if you can’t see or feel the effects of dehydration on the short term, be sure that they will affect you in the long run.

If you are feeling slightly depressed after reading all these answers to the question why drink water, I have another news for you: bad mood is also a sign of dehydration. This is because your brain can not function properly and some hormones are released excessively in your body. Cheer up, these are good news! All you have to do is to drink a big glass of water and you will start to feel better right away.

Now that you’ve read all this, you know why drink water, right?

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