How to Drink More Water

We all know how important it is to drink more water, but do we drink enough and How to drink more water? We do everything fast, from eating between meetings to choosing the short way to work, so healthy habits are rarely in our mind.

However, there are tricks that can help you how to drink more water throughout the day without struggling or changing your daily habits. The health benefits will be obvious in weeks and you will feel better than you did in a long time!

Find your “water of choice”. And by this, I mean that you have to discover if plain water is the right way to start or not when you wonder how to drink more water. As much as they try, there are people that can’t drink too much plain water, at least not in the beginning. If you are one of them, you can cheat by adding fruits or herbs to water and make it a healthy, delicious and refreshing drink.

Cut your favorites fruits into pieces and put them in water overnight. You can also add Mint or Rosemary for more flavor. Drink the water the second day and enjoy the amazing taste!
On the other hand, if you can drink plain water make sure you get it from a good source; depending on where you live, tap water might not be the best as it contains plenty of chemicals or chloride.

Invest in a good water bottle. You might think that all bottles are created equal, but they’re not. The fact is that when you have a special water bottle, you tend to drink more. Since you need water all the time, get a bottle that you can reuse and reduce the cost of bottled water.
More than this, pick a nice color and a design that will prevent the water from leaking in your purse. The kind of bottles that people use at the gym is a great option!
If you are not sure that you can have access to filtered water all the time, buy a bottle that has a mini-filter. In this way you will be sure that no matter where you fill your bottle from, you will drink clean and safe water.

Put your phone to good use and let it help you to how to drink more water. You are spending a lot of time on your phone already, so why not use it to remind you to drink water? The App Aqualert is available both for Aqualert – Drink more Water Tracker IOs and Aqualert – Drink more Water Tracker Android, so it does not matter what kind of phone you have. More than this, you can find out what is the right amount of water you have to drink every day according to your height and weight, and get reminders to drink water throughout the day.
With Aqualert it is impossible to forget to drink water, even if you have a busy day. The great advantage is that you can see clearly, at the end of the day, how much water you had and you can see if you have to increase the amount or you are on the right path.

Other answer to the question how to drink more water is Create new habits. Let’s say that you are drinking a few glasses of water daily, but not enough. How to drink more water? By creating new habits! When you are at work, for example, you can challenge yourself to drink a glass of water every time you get up from your desk (of course, this won’t work if you are getting up every 10 minutes, so adjust accordingly).
If you spend a lot of time at home doing chores or relaxing, train your brain to drink a few sips of water every time you go to the kitchen. It might be slightly uncomfortable at first to find yourself sipping water very often, but after a while it will become a habit and you will do it without even thinking.

Start your day with a boom. Ok, maybe not with a boom, but with a glass of water! This will not only wake you up much faster and improve your metabolism on the long run, but it will also help you stay hydrated in those hard mornings when nothing seems to go well and you don’t really think about how to drink water.
After a while of doing this, you will notice that you reduced your caffeine intake (yes, that is possible too!) because you feel more awake and ready to take on the world after you had a glass of water straight out of bed.
To spice things up a little, add a slice of lemon to your glass and you will never worry again about how to drink water . Yum!

Create clear water goals. Sometimes, regardless of how many alarms you receive from Aqualert, you will forget to drink water. To prevent this, make sure you create water goals that are easy to accomplish.
For example, take a 2 l bottle and fill it in the morning. Make a few marks on the bottle, for every 500 ml. Write down that you have to reach the first mark by 11 A.M, the second one by noon and so on. During the day, if you notice that you did not empty your bottle enough until a certain time, you can speed things up a little and drink two glasses instead of one after a salty meal.

It will only take a few weeks before you will get used to drinking enough water and to forget the question how to drink more water. Some people might have a funny feeling in their stomach in the first few days; in the end, you probably didn’t drink this much water in years.
However, once it becomes a habit you will start to notice the benefits. You will feel more active, less tired during the day, less hungry (did you want to lose some weight too?) and less tempted to eat bad foods.
On the long run, you will preserve and improve your health and your skin will look better than you ever imagined, since you are finally hydrating your body enough.
Drinking more water is always important, so don’t postpone this any longer! Download Aqualert, search for your perfect water bottle and get started!

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