Aqualert for Challenges let you running a Healthy Hydration Challenge

Aqualert for Challenges let you running a Healthy Hydration Challenge Among your Employees. Is the best way to encourage them to take care of their eating habits, health and eventually start a Fitness Program. To know more write us at


Get reminders, track and share your water intake. Get tips on why you should drink more
water, and earn rewards. A good body/water balance has a list of benefits for your weight, organs and more.


  • Simple & Easy

    Simple and easy tracker and reminder making it suitable for everyone. Great for families.
  • Notifications

    Don't forget to drink water using the notifications and reminders.
  • Intake calculator

    Water Intake calculator with your gender, weight and activity level.
  • Sleep Mode

    Tracker and Reminder with automatic bed time mode so you don’t recive notifications in the middle of the night.
  • Graphical Display

    Graphical display of your hydration level and daily consumption.
  • Charts & History

    Charts and indicators let you know if your body is hydrated.
  • Customize Serving

    Simple as 1,2,3 to add, empty and select the serving size to drink.
  • Hydration Notes

    Messages to encourage to drink more water. Why, when and how.


Rachael Bernal
Best little helper app. I'm a busy lady and sometimes I need a little reminder to get my water intake throughout the day. This app calculates a good intake for my height and weight so I'm getting the correct amount of water. Aqualert also goes the extra mile and gives me a graph of how well I'm doing, makes the app easy to use, and sends an encouraging message of why I should drink my water. I love this app so much! I highly recommend it to anyone who needs help keeping up on a healthy water intake.
Sai Karthik
This is a wonderful app. I should definitely thank you guys a lot for making this app. I can't really make some time to remember. This app is really so helpful and warns me each time I forget to have some water.
Vikas Jain
Great app. I always forgot to drink water in office due to workload. Finally I got this sweet app which reminds me of regular water intake. I am a patient of kidney stones and i hope this app will help me to be cured. Thanks developers. 1000000 stars for you for solving my water problem.
Jennifer Terrell
Awesome app. I get busy and forget to drink water and with this app it reminds me hourly and it keeps track too.. i am so happy and pleased with this app, I only wish I would've found it sooner, but I shared it w my other weight loss people. We are doing xyngular and this is great for us. Thanks.
Kelsey Pyles
Very smart! I've been ill a few days now and this app has been a wonderful reminder to keep me hydrated. I like how you can set the hydration standard at any level. I keep mine a little over a gallon everyday and I've seen improvement in my overall drinking habits. Definitely recommend to all!
Angie Hache
Perfect. I have greatly increased my water consumption, thanks to this app! A must for people who wish to attain a healthier lifestyle.

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